NOAA Safety and Environmental Compliance Office

NOAA's Safety and Environmental Compliance Office (SECO) is a professional services organization that establishes the National Oceanic and Atmospherice Administration's (NOAA) policy, guidance, and oversight to ensure compliance with regulatory, internal, and other requirements and to drive toward continous improvement in Safety, Occupational Health, Environment, and Sustainability performance.

Please note: We are in the process of updating the SECO website. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions and/or comments, please call the SECO office at (301) 713-2870.

SECO is in the process of moving its website to Google Sites.  NOAA personnel can access this website through the following link:  General information will remain on this site for NOAA's external customers. 

Awareness Training

The Safety and Environmental Compliance Office has released its new Safety, Environmental Compliance, and Sustainability Awareness Training for all applicable NOAA employees and affiliates.  NOAA employees who can access the Commerce Learning Center (CLC) should take the training through that site.

For students who cannot access the Commerce Learning Center, SECO is sponsoring a version of training through this site.  There is a link to a survey at the end of the training which will gather student information necessary to verify completion and generate completion certificates.  Certificates are generated and distributed every Monday.

A revised training file is posted below.  This version includes content error corrections and a re-established registration link at the end of the course.  After completing training, be sure to go to the last slide (in the "Course Completion" section) to access the registration link.   Happy Training!

If you have any questions about this version of the training, please contact Ann Byar, Acting Safety Division Chief, at 301-713-2870 ext. 128 or